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website Updates

> 07/10/20

lol i forgot i had an update page. i should document here more often. but i don't really get to work on the site much. anyways, i'm in a google computer science online camp-type thing this summer, and i'm *finally* learning JS, specifically P5JS. it's only been 4 days but I'm honestly really enjoying it. i forgot how much easier i learn in a classroom setting. I have to do a ~super cool~ final project thing, so i'll def upload that on here when it's done. to do: a page for my silly projects. i uploaded a lamp i programmed in JS... you can turn it on and off.... it took me longer than it should have to program. oh yeah, i've also learned how important pair programming is in the past 4 days. if your dumb brain cant figure something out... the kid you're paired up with who's probably going to stanford or an ivy can. wow, writing is kinda therapeutic. i might just use this page as a diary or something. secret diary. i forgot i dont link to this page. well.. if you find it, congrats. it's got a bunch of dead links that i'm too lazy to format into the current website's style. have a taste of the old domushen neocities page. oh yeah, i'm gonna lose the domu.club url sooner or later cuz i gotta pay for it next month and i don't feel like doing that. don't forget, this is an intimate page. it's just between you and me. Don't tell anyone !!!

> 02/02/20

Made a new page testing out some new css stuff. I feel kinda tired with the format of this website. I also want to revamp the art gallery section to make it load faster and... not have 9000 images on one page. Happy new year.

> 11/27/19

Whoops, I've gone and not updated this website for... 3 months. Sorry. School really restricts me from doing things I actually want to do cuz I'm a High Achiever (TM). Thankfully, I'm a senior so I should be shipped off to college sooner or later and have more me time (hopefully.) There should be some new art uploaded later today. And happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate!

> 8/28/19

I created this page to document the updates I've made on my website.